Aufruf zu Publikation in Mélanges CRAPEL, Ausgabe 38 (erscheint im Dezember 2017)

Einsendeschluss 01.09.2017

The on-line journal Mélanges CRAPEL ( the submission of research and teaching-oriented papers for Issue 38, to be published in December 2017. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their contribution before September 1st in all areas of language teaching and learning, including:


- Sociolinguistics and language teaching

- Discourse and Interaction in the language classroom

- Language teaching methods and practices

- Language learning and teaching in institutional environments

- Language for specific purposes

- Autonomy and self-directed learning

- Distance language learning and teaching, blended learning, blended learning programs

- Language and culture

- Plurilingualism and language teaching

- Literacy, migration

- Language learning and technology

- Materials development and analysis, use of corpora


The Mélanges CRAPEL accepts articles in English, French, and Spanish.


Types of papers accepted:


1. Full-length articles with substantive research findings and/or applications (max 90 000 characters)


2. Research in progress and Teaching-oriented papers about successful practices, informed by linguistic research (max 45 000 characters)


3. Short position or discussion papers on ongoing “hot” topics (max 30 000 characters) Submissions to the Mélanges CRAPEL are reviewed using double-blind peer review. Details concerning the editorial board and the scientific committee can be found on the journal website.


To submit your paper or inquire about submission procedures and policies, contact a member of the editorial board: