Edem Kwasi Bakah

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Analyse du discours oral des guides touristiques et du discours écrit des guides de voyage : régularités discursives et perspectives didactiques


Prof. Dr. habil. Anemone Geiger-Jaillet, Université de Strasbourg


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On one hand, the study identifies and analyzes discourse patterns common to oral discourse of tour guides and that of writer-guides. On the other hand, it offers didactic perspectives resulting from the study of the discourse patterns. The variables analyzed are discursive themes, polyphony, personal and non personal deictics, spatial deictics and temporal deictics. The study postulates that the discourse patterns characterizing oral discourse of tour guides and written discourse of writerguides are similar and complementary. This research is based on an oral corpus comprising thirteen hours of audio recordings of guided tours in Togo and a written corpus from two tourist guides (Petit Futé Togo and Petit Futé Ghana) on Togo and Ghana. The results of the study show nine major themes marking the discourse of tour guides and that of the writer-guides. These include political system, important personalities, history and population, culture, economics, geography, security agents, education and preparation for one’s journey. The analysis also reveals the presence of polyphony in both the tour guides’ and writer-guides’ discourse. With regard to deictics, the oral and the written discourse exhibit more similarities than differences. The study proposes didactic perspectives in the form of classroom activities and lesson plans for training of tour guides in French as a foreign language in Ghana.