Julia Putsche

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Spracheinstellungen von Grundschüler/innen in zwei paritätisch unterrichteten ersten Klassen mit Zielsprache Französisch

Betreuung - Doppeldoktorat

- Prof. Dr. habil. Gérald Schlemminger, Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe

- Prof. Dr. habil. Anemone Geiger-Jaillet, Université de Strasbourg


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This thesis (written in German) is about language beliefs of very young learners in Germany (Kehl) which are in a bilingual class (German – French). In our work, we analysed the language beliefs and attitudes and their evolution during the period from September 2008 to July 2009. The thesis shows the children’s language attitudes and beliefs and the influence of school (teachers), their family (parents) and their social life (friends). The geographic situation (boarder region) and its impact on the attitudes and beliefs are also analysed. The main results of this work show that, different language attitudes and beliefs are possible. They are influenced by what is happening at school and the private life of the children and their families. Children between 6 and 7 years are able to have a kind of “competences transfrontalière” which means that they are able to know and understand cultural aspects of the neighbour country. The attitudes and beliefs of the parents and teachers have an important influence on the attitudes and beliefs of the children.