Kofi Tsiavanyo Yiboe

Titel der Promotionsschrift

Enseignement/apprentissage du français au Ghana : écarts entre la culture d'enseignement et la culture d'apprentissage


Prof. Dr. habil. Anemone Geiger-Jaillet, Université de Strasbourg


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The teaching/learning of a foreign language in the school set up require the integration of multiple social factors. This research attempts to describe patterns of communication in French as a foreign language class in some senior high schools in Ghana. Lesson sessions are videotaped in three schools in the Cape Coast municipality. The results show that inference as a teaching technique plays several roles and may contribute to the development of communication strategies in foreign language classroom. However, the approach is hampered in Ghanaian schools by a misunderstanding between the European culture and the culture of socialization of the students. Moreover, code switching in French as a foreign language classroom takes many forms controlled by teachers. Different linguistic codes within the class are therefore limited to only metalinguistic discourse. In addition, nonverbal communication is also reflected in various complex communicative functions that teachers and students play in class. Finally, the analysis reveals the importance of emotion in the acquisition of foreign languages in Ghanaian secondary schools.