Léonie Fournier

Titel der Promotionsschrift

Direkte und indirekte Sprachgebrauchsstrategien am Beispiel von Grundschülern in einem deutsch-französischen Zug

(Stratégies directes et indirectes d'usage de la langue : l'exemple d'élèves d'école élémentaire en filière franco-allemande)

Betreuung - Doppeldoktorat

- Prof. Dr. habil. Gérald Schlemminger, Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe

- Prof. Dr. habil. Anemone Geiger-Jaillet, Université de Strasbourg


Datum der Disputation




This thesis reports on an empirical study of 3rd and 4th grade students in a German-French bilingual school. The study consisted of research subjects solving exercises by using the thinkaloud method, after which film and transcription analysis allowed for a detailed examination of the strategies used during the exercises. Such strategies have been termed "language usagestrategies" and have been distinguished from learning and communication strategies. This distinction is important because when students use their L2 in this context, their goal is not to learn the language or to communicate, rather, it is to solve the exercise. The students used and combined many cognitive, compensatory, metacognitive, social and affective strategies during the Think aloud Protocols. Also the individual interviews revealed that the students manifested a large number of language usage strategies, suggesting that they are conscious of strategy usage when using their L2.